What is Network Thinking

Network Thinking is a strategic networking methodology. It helps build networks, communities and ecosystems.  

Today every single person has a unique power to become an influential leader. Learn how to unleash the power of networks through Network Thinking.

Lead with speed, direction and purpose. 

Understand society

Understand how to innovate within the network society

  • Manage knowledge
  • Nurture talent
  • Attract funding

Create communities

Build high-performance communities to unleash growth

  • Become entrepreneurial
  • Drive growth
  • Value diversity

Orchestrate ecosystems

Innovate and grow with speed, direction and purpose

  • Build trust
  • Drive collaboration
  • Utilize digital

5 Network Thinking Impacts

Network Thinking can be applied by an individual, an organization, or even a city as its growth model. These are the 5 key impacts from Network Thinking .

Exponential Growth

Network effect can unleash exponential growth. Rethink your growth strategy.

More Leadership

Attract the right people, empower talent you have. Turn managers into leaders.

Wisdom of Networks

Crowdsource your knowledge. There is no faster way to capture new trends.

System Thinking

Unlearn what you know. Learn how to work across silos and adapt to change.

Global Connection

Become tightly-knit locally and loosely coupled globally. Drive global change.

Behind Network Thinking

Daria Tataj


Dr. Daria Tataj​

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Manuel Castells

Learn the Methodology from Daria Tataj

Our Network Thinking methodology is explained further in these 3 videos from the founder of Tataj Innovation.

Network Thinking for Coaches

Network Thinking Masterclass with Prof. Manuel Castells

Become a Network Thinker

How Network Thinking Works

Builds Ecosystems​

Catalan innovation ecosystem masterclass conducted by Dr. Daria Tataj and Prof. Manuel Castells. Learn how to build entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems.

Transforms Cities

Network Thinking Retreat to pitch entrepreneurial ideas to Mr. Alex Pastor, Mayor of  Badalona, Barcelona, Spain 

Develops Startups

Network Thinking workshop for EIT Alumni to turn ideas into entrepreneurial projects, meet corporate partners and investors.

Innovates Networks

Network Thinking 2-day Sprint for an insurance company to explore an innovation strategy in 4000 agents sales network.

Network Thinking Product Portfolio

Network IQ™

Test your Network Thinking Skills aligned in 4 skillsets: Network Strategy, Protocols, Dynamics, and Power.

Network Thinking Power Map™

Design your growth strategy through Network Thinking Power Map™. See opportunities for exponential growth.

Network Thinking Sprint

A sprint is a 1-day breakthrough workshop. Turn your peers, collaborators, clients and partners into a high-performance community.