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Growth, collaboration and complex problem solving are challenges faced by businesses, governments and academia. We build this Network Thinking Center community to spread skills which help learn how to become leaders in the transition to digital.

And you can also think of Network Thinking as a strategic networking. Today every single person has a unique power to influence growth, development,  wellbeing, sustainability and inclusiveness. Yet, it is not easy and no one can do it alone. Spreading Network Thinking helps do it together.


Based on our unique methodology, complex system thinking and analysis of emergent social processes, we developed a training as a ‘skill box’ linking strategy, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. Do you want to enhance your strategic networking skills?

To deal with the digital transformation, we need more leadership, new thinking and access to networks. We all need to collaborate, think like leaders, act like entrepreneurship, and experiment like innovators. Do not miss the opportunity to become a member of our Network Thinking Center community.


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Access to technology gives everyone the capacity to unleash growth through the power of networks. Potentially, we are all growth hackers, shakers and change makers. You just need to learn how to innovate and innovation means collaborative learning-to-become. To innovate that is to learn, you need your innovation community. Network Thinking™ is your shortcut to build such ecosystem.


Join us and become our Network Thinking™ certified coach. Learn more how to apply for a licence to deliver Network Thinking™ trainings, workshops and coaching sessions for leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Invest in your future as a partner in the Network Thinking Center community.

Network Thinking™ is both a set of skills, an attitude and real access to network – both off-line and on-line. In the digital age, every person, every company or public institution can learn how to better collaborate across ‘silos’, unleash growth, solve complex problems.  Learn more about our unique process of Network Thinking™.

We have tested our Network Thinking ™ methodology in different settings. We experiment how to help build innovation community for startups and entire ecosystems. Locally and globally.



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